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Tiger Bitumen is well known Brand in Bitumen Market. Our Bitumen Products are sourced from Best Refineries located in Middle East and South East Asia. We have Wide Range of Bitumen Products including, Penetration Bitumen, Performance Bitumen, Viscosity Bitumen, Australian Standard Bitumen, Oxidized Bitumen, Cutback Bitumen, Coat Bitumen and Emulsion Bitumen. We are Leading Exporter and Supplier of High Quality Bitumen Grades and Standards which are Compliance with National and International Standards.


Penetration Bitumen is semi hard black material known as Petroleum Grade Bitumen which is produced by blowing hot air into the vacuum bottom.

Penetration Grade Bitumen


Performance Grade Bitumen is the Latest Standard of bitumen. It is new method bitumen standard which based on varying temperatures.

Performance Bitumen Grades


Viscosity Grade Bitumen is mostly used as a Paving Grade and it’s suitable for Road Construction and for the Asphalt pavements producing with premier attributes. Viscosity Grade Bitumen is usually used in the production of Hot Mix Asphalt.

Viscosity Bitumen Grades


Classes of Bitumen under the Australian Standard are determined by Viscosity measured at 60°C Pa.s. Other blends using a combination of standard grade bitumen are also available on request.

Australian Bitumen Standards



Oxidized Bitumen is produced by blowing hot air into the Penetration Bitumen. This action makes the Bitumen more rubbery than its original formula and it becomes harder.

Oxidized Bitumen Grades



Cutback Bitumen is dissolved in a solvent. Typical solvents include Naptha, Gasoline and Kerosene, White Spirit etc. The type of solvent controls the Curing time while the amount determines the Viscosity of the Cutback Bitumen.

Cutback Bitumen Grades


The Bitumen Coatings are also characteristically non-viscous materials which are not thixotropic and are therefore ordinarily applied as thin films.

Coat Bitumen Grades